Hair extensions should have a few important features. Here¡¯s what to consider when selecting Human Hair Wigs:

Clip in vs. taped in. For the occasional and repeated use, clip in extensions can be just what the [hair] doctor ordered. Once you clip them in, you can cut them to length (or have a professional do it for best results.) We quite like the idea of matching your hair to your mood and clip in extensions can be the way to do that. Taped in extensions are a bit more durable, meaning you¡¯ll probably be able to pull on them a bit without them giving, but as with any sticky surface, they don¡¯t excel at re-use. The tape will give a strong enough bond that you¡¯ll be able to keep them in your hair much longer than clip ins, though. Clip ins you¡¯ll put in and take out freely, no muss, no fuss. You won¡¯t shower with them in and you¡¯ll very likely not even sleep with them in. Tape ins you¡¯ll leave in for a few weeks, treating them just a bit more gently than you would your own hair. You can replace the tape to make sure you¡¯re not using them one time before they become useless, but they may never be as solid as that first installation.

Bundles and weaves. For longer term extensions, having your extensions sewn or weaved in can go a long way towards doing that. They¡¯ll last longer, but you¡¯ll have to watch the ¡°roots¡± as your hair grows. Your extensions may be sewn in among your flat hair along the root, but often they will be sewn into hair that is braided and secured flush to your scalp. A mesh cap can be added, sewn into those braids and the extensions sewn onto that in order to make the weave stronger and less damaging to your hair. (Don¡¯t forget to check for online DIY tutorials before you go into your purchase blindly.) The alternative to sewing in the extensions is to use protein-bonded extensions. These are, essentially hair pieces that are secured to the root of your hair using a keratin or protein-based adhesive (glue). This will last longer and require no braiding to your scalp. Either option will prolong how much time passes before you can notice your own roots beneath the hair pieces. If your hair doesn¡¯t grow quickly, or you don¡¯t mind touch up work, then these longer term wears may be perfect for you.

wigs human hair. A closure is a ¡°cap¡± of sorts that will act to blend your extensions into your hair and make it a bit more discrete. This is perfect for those who can¡¯t necessarily use their hair to cover and blend on top of the extensions. You may need the closure if you are choosing an entirely different color or texture of hair or if you have thin hair. The hair closures will occasionally come with your extensions, most often with the hair bundled extensions, but you will need to purchase separately for the vast majority of extensions. You can either glue, tape or sew the closure into your hair to keep it secure; it all depends on how long-term you want your extensions. Bear in mind, though, that removing a closure can be hard on your hair and it is more likely to give a wig appearance than just extensions.

Double or single weft. Weft is a term to denote the cross bands on a weave that the thread (or hair in this case) will be woven through. With hair, just as with thread, the more wefting the thicker the overall end result. So a double weft will allow you to use fewer pieces to achieve a thicker appearance in your extensions. However, if you have thinner hair, this won¡¯t perform miracles and, if you aren¡¯t careful in application, it may leave the extensions looking out of place and obvious. In that case, more single weft extensions may be needed for the more convincing look.

Obmre and balayage. If you plan on keeping your extensions long term (whether it¡¯s in your hair or just frequently applying them), you may want to consider picking your fun colors in a Balayage or Ombre. Ombre is a blend from your natural roots color to your fun, more extreme color and a baylage will add in natural highlights just slightly away from your roots. Considering your roots will always match the top of your extensions, you won¡¯t need to replace the extensions as often and with an ombre, you¡¯ll still get that fun color. Just be careful you¡¯re not letting your hair grow out too much or your extensions will be more obvious.

Real vs. synthetic. There are certainly high quality synthetic cheap human hair wigs that will give you the appearance of real, and the quality of any extension varies so much that you may be able to find synthetic hair that is more convincing than real. However, as a general rule, real hair is more real looking and because it is actual hair, you can treat it the same as you would your hair. Most synthetic hairs will be more prone to melting or shedding because the texture isn¡¯t exactly like human hair. This means you may not be able to use a flat iron or curling iron on your synthetic hair and brushing it too much may pull out more than you¡¯d like. Real hair will last longer and give you more options for styling, without a doubt, but you¡¯ll need to remember the biggest drawback of real hair: the price. You get what you pay for and if you¡¯re buying real human hair, especially virgin hair that has never been dyed, relaxed, or chemically treated in any way, then you¡¯ll be paying a premium for that. If you just want to pop a few extensions in for a fun night out, then synthetic may suit you just fine. You¡¯ll most often find Brazilian Hair will be clip ins for this reason.

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